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IT infrastructure service for companies

Regardless of whether it is a long-standing company or a newly founded start-up: the IT infrastructure of every company must match the requirements and needs of the business. It is also the foundation of every modern business. This is especially true in times of digitalization with all its constantly changing business processes. Whether flexible workplaces, cloud implementation, installation of a new telephone system , larger amounts of data to be processed or simply better servers and faster computers – the reasons for IT infrastructure optimization or (new) construction are as diverse as German medium-sized businesses himself.

To ensure that your IT landscape optimally fits your business, you need professional support from an experienced service provider. Our experts from CoolHan GmbH will be happy to help you – holistically oriented and thinking along your lines. Find out, for example, what cost advantages renting servers, software and devices can have, which components make your infrastructure even more efficient and secure and how automated mobile device management offers you full control and stability.


You can find our IT infrastructure services here

  • Setting up a telephone system
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  • Hardware and software procurement
  • IT infrastructure analysis
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Server virtualization
  • Rental of workplaces
  • Video surveillance

Set up a telephone system – for professional business communication

Your business customers should be able to reach you anytime and anywhere during business hours – without the connection being disturbed or even lost. You should therefore definitely rely on a professional communication solution. But which type of telephone system is particularly suitable for the specific needs of your company? After all, depending on the size of the company and the industry, different functionalities have to be taken into account. Is a conventional telephone system required for the company? Are you looking for a classic office telephone system? Is there a need for a robust telephone system within a workshop? Or do your employees travel a lot so that company cell phones also need to be integrated into your company’s communication solution?

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